Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A Patient Participation Group is an active group of patients who volunteer to work in association with the GPs and healthcare staff with the aim of achieving high quality and responsive care for patients.

The PPG comprises a committee of permanent members aided  by representatives of healthcare professionals from the practice. A wider group called a Virtual PPG, consisting of patients from the practice,  may also provide opinions and feedback concerning patient services to the main PPG.

Why do we have a PPG?

As pressures on the National Health Service grow, it is essential that we maintain a good level of communication between patients and the practice.  Furthermore, a modern general practice welcomes constructive feedback from patients in order to rectify any problems that may occur.

What role does the PPG play?

The PPG's objectives are as follows:

  • Advising GPs and healthcare staff on patients views of their practice.
  • Communicating with the wider patient body.
  • Carrying out research into the views of a practice's patients and carers.
  • Assisting at health promotion events.
  • Fundraising to assist services and facilities provided by the practice.
  • Co-ordination with volunteer services, support groups and National Health Service bodies.
  • Working with the practice to promote health and well being initiatives for the benefit of patients.

Patients will benefit through having the opportunity to recommend improvements to ensure better awareness between the practice and their patients.  In addition, patients are able to understand more fully the workload of healthcare staffs and practice procedures.

PPG Terms of Reference


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Name and Membership

The name of the group is Martock & South Petherton Patient Participation Group (MSPPPG)

Membership is open to all patients registered to the Practice, Clinical staff, Carers and Practice staff.


To represent all the patients of the Martock & South Petherton Practice, helping to improve services by working in partnership with GPs and Practice staff by:

  • Supporting the role of the Practice in involving patients in their own care.
  • Acting as a consultative group for any proposed changes at the Practice.
  • Communicating to the Practice evidence- based patient concerns, with a view to influencing change.
  • Supporting and initiating health promotion events in conjunction with the Practice.
  • Co-operating with volunteer services, groups and organisations with similar aims.
  • Assisting in the ongoing assessment of community needs through MSPPPG- led surveys and questionnaires; giving feedback to the Practice.
  • Reviewing annually the results of the GP Patient Survey.
  • Referring patients with complaints and specific personal issues to the Practice Manager.
  • Noting at meetings patient complaint themes received by the Practice and their subsequent outcomes.
  • Engaging in meetings and consultations with the Integrated Care Board as appropriate.
  • Communicating information to all patients through agreed means of communication.
  • Complying with all relevant legislation set by the Practice.

Committee &  General meetings

MSPPPG will have a Chair, Vice Chair a Secretary, Treasurer, and a committee comprising a minimum of six (quorum) and a maximum of 14 members, at least one of whom is the Practice Manager, or a delegated Practice staff member if he/she is unable to attend.

The Chair will conduct meetings; in his/her absence the Vice Chair will take the chair.

A General Practitioner and other medical professionals or Practice staff may also attend part or all of a meeting. Parties from outside the Practice may also attend by invitation.

The Secretary will convene all meetings; he/she will give three weeks’ notice of the date to all members via the surgeries and other agreed means of communication.  All members may request items to be included on the Agenda, which will be circulated not less than a week prior to the meeting.

Meetings will be held bi-monthly unless otherwise agreed by MSPPPG; a minimum of six meetings will be held each calendar year, at one of the Practice surgeries or other local community venue. In exceptional circumstances meetings may be held virtually. All members will be informed and may attend, but committee members only have voting rights.

The Secretary will keep a record of all meetings attended by committee members, and records of any consultations and activities carried out on behalf of MSPPPG. This information will be given at each meeting.

The Secretary will send the agenda and subsequently the Minutes to the Practice Manager for distribution to Practice staff; patients will be able to access them via the surgeries and other agreed means of communication.

The MSPPPG committee should as far as possible be reflective of the patient demographic of the Practice.

The MSPPPG committee may fill any vacancy occurring amongst its number; the committee will be notified of any interested member and decide upon their appointment at the next meeting.

At the discretion of the Chair and Secretary scheduled meetings, including the AGM and any ad hoc meetings, may be held via video or telephone call. Committee members unable to attend in person may request access via video call by contacting the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to a meeting. Committee members participating in this way will be deemed to have been physically present, and shall have a vote.

Decisions on specific Agenda items will be taken by a simple majority vote in which the Chairman shall be entitled to vote; the Chairman shall have a casting vote if required.

MSPPPG committee is required to call an extra meeting if requested by more than 20 members. All members will be informed via the surgeries and other agreed means of communication of the reason for calling it, and given at least 14 days notice of the meeting date, time and venue.

Annual General Meeting

An AGM shall be held once a year, or not more than 15 months after the preceding AGM. Notice of the day, time and place will be given at least 14 days prior to the meeting via the surgeries and other agreed means of communication.

All members may request items to be included on the Agenda, which should be sent to the Secretary at least a week prior to the AGM. Nominations for officers by members must be sent to the Secretary at least a week prior to the AGM.

All MSPPPG committee members may offer themselves for re-election at the AGM; all members present at the AGM may vote. If more than one nomination is received for an Officer position, a vote will be taken. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote. In the case of a tie for the role of Chair, the Vice-Chair shall have a casting vote.

MSPPPG shall present at each AGM a report of its activities during the previous year.


MSPPPG may fund-raise on behalf of the Practice if a specific need has been identified and agreed. Expenses for MSPPPG services previously agreed with the Practice - e.g. advertising- will be subsequently claimed from the Practice.

Annual associate membership shall be paid to NAPP by the Practice.

The MSPPPG Treasurer will keep records of accounts, which will be reported at each committee meeting, and annually at its AGM.

Monies will be held in the MSPPPG bank account, and cheques signed by the Treasurer and Chair, or one other nominated committee member.

Committee members may be re-imbursed from MSPPPG’s account for reasonable out-of-pocket, previously approved expenses.

MSPPPG may use a variety of social media platforms, agreed by the committee as forms of communication.

Equality & Diversity

MSPPPG will value diversity and promote good relations with all members of the community. It will not discriminate on grounds of race, gender or sexual orientation. It will endeavour to hold meetings in venues accessible to all, and as appropriate utilise video or telephone links to enable members to participate.

Code of Conduct

Members of MSPPPG will conduct themselves in such a way as not to cause offence to others.

Members of the PPG should not expect and will not receive any preferential treatment from the Practice.

Committee members will not divulge to other persons or organisations any aspect of business discussed at a meeting deemed to be confidential.

Committee members will not personalise any aspect of issues brought to a meeting.


If MSPPPG consider it appropriate to dissolve the group, members will be notified through all available communication channels. Explanation of the dissolution will be given, and members invited specifically to the next meeting, where the proposal will be upheld or suspended.

 MSPPPG Constitution/Terms of Reference (ToRs) is available on the Practice website or in hard copy if requested from the Practice.

The Constitution/ToRs will be reviewed annually by the MSPPPG  committee, and amended as required. It will be circulated to members together with the Minutes of the previous AGM at least 14 days before the AGM, and offered for formal acceptance at that meeting.

June 2023

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Meet the Patient Participation Group

Our elected PPG representatives have a wealth of knowledge and wonderful connections to our practice area.

Acting Chair: Lesley Isaac

I have lived in Martock for 33 years with my husband and our three children who all went to local schools.  I retired from a long and happy nursing career two years ago to spend more time with my growing family and undertake more travelling in our camper van. This is my second year in the PPG and my main interest is in health promotion.

Treasurer: Pete Griffiths

Following retirement as a Wing Commander after 34 years as a pilot in the Royal Air Force, I moved to Martock  in 1993 where several ex service colleagues reside.  Thereafter I have looked after my son's property portfolios in the UK and Spain.   I attended a PPG presentation at the Martock surgery two years ago which persuaded my to assist in PPG matters to provide added support to patients.

Joy Bailey

I have lived in Martock for 31 years and have been retired for eight years.  I taught IT at Yeovil College, the Park School and eight years at Dorchester prison.  The previous PPG chairman Phil Tilson suggested that I join the PPG last year.  I want us to be more pro-active in promoting health topics at the Farmers' Market in Martock and assisting people with using Patient Access and AskmyGP.

Secretary: Paul Harding

Following a thirty year career as a police officer in Hampshire I changed career to that of information and IT security working mainly for various government departments.  Having moved down to Somerset I found that my paternal grandmother was born in South Petherton in 1874. It’s a small world. I took up the position as chair of the Patient Participation Group in May of this year. I also volunteer at the Martock Job Club and I am on the committee of the Martock Youth Club.

Gill Waldron

I was Non Executive Director of Yeovil District Hospital for twelve years and a past  Lay Member of South Somerset Federation.  I am currently a Governor of Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and a Lay Member for the End of Life Board for Somerset CCG.

Lynda Moore
David Steel

South Petherton Parish Councillor

Pete Wescott
Pat Farr